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Goodbye for now
I've decided in the last twenty-four hours that my life is getting too busy for me to maintain this blog at this point in my life. Blogger is too frustrating at times and I need to be doing other things (like going to class). With that said, anyone who wants to can still e-mail me at leftinthewest -at- hotmail -dot- com. I might do this again at some point, but it'll probably be on my own server and with moveable type. So if you'll really miss this blog, you have that to potentially look forward to.

Ezra - Sorry our deal didn't last as long as it should have. You'll get the traffic you deserve. Don't worry.
Craig - Thanks for being a friend, even if a member of the VRWC.
Girly from Oblivion - Same as Craig. I read your latest posting today. You are capable of great things. Don't let people who won't rip into you for shit like that. It isn't worth it.
To both Craig and Oblivia - I wish all the opposition was as pleasant to work with as the two of you.
Matthew - Thanks for getting me some traffic and congratulations on your new job with the Prospect. You'll do 'em proud and I look forward to reading the magazine now that you're with it.
Good Professor - Thanks for the laughs.
To all the others who gave me links, put me on blogrolls, read, commented, etc., etc., etc., it's been fun. You'll probably find me floating around the message boards over at mtpolitics.net, 5corners.blogspot.com, ezrak.blogspot.com, mydd.com, and matthewyglesias.com.

Of course, it might be under my real name now.